Q - Southern BBQ Joint


There's nothing like the smell of barbeque to crank your party up a notch.

Table for Sixteen? Right this way...
Give us 48 hours notice and the sixteen-seat, 200-year-old communal table belongs to you and your group. Believe you me, there's nothing like a whole suckling pig with an apple in its mouth to say "Congratulations!" "Happy 50th!" "Thank-you!" "Happy Groundhog Day!"
(Okay, maybe a whole pig is a little overkill for that last one but you get what we mean.)

Whole Suckling Pig

Includes sides for 16 very self-indulgent pork lovers

Pork Shoulder

Includes sides for 12 less-hungry (but still self-indulgent) pork-lovers

½ Lamb or Goat

Includes sides for 16 meat-lovers with an adventurous side

Hickory Smoked Turkey

Includes sides for the 10 relatives who showed up unannounced at your place on Thanksgiving Monday (or any other day of the week actually)

Half a Saddle of Beef

Includes sides for 16 cowboys & cowgirls

Want to ensure a big turn-out for your next PAR-TAY?
Tell 'em you've got ribs.

We'll even bring the smokin' delicious feast to your communal table - or your picnic blanket or your backyard tent or wherever else you had in mind. Although we've only be smoking and grilling things for a short time, we've been perfecting the whole catering gig for almost four decades now. Check it out: www.rcr.ca